EARLY BIRD PRICING through January 2, 2023

Deepening Connection Course (For Couples)

4 fun date nights to better communication, connection and intimacy with your sweetie.

First, you need to know:
1. This isn't marriage counseling
2. No one is going to tell you you're doing anything wrong
In fact, it's the opposite. You'll be hearing about what you're doing right...and you'll understand why!

So, what is this course?

This is the insight you both crave in order to remove those walls and barriers that keep you from your deepest connection. No finger pointing. Just forward motion and the tools to grow into a deeper connection...now. Oh, and some really fun and sexy homework to keep the sparks firing between classes, too.

January 10, 17, 24 & 31, 2023
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. MT

* EARLY BIRD PRICING now through January 2, 2023! *


Hello, Men! You’re sweetie probably sent you the link to this course so you can check it out. Women already know they want to take this course, just by the name of it. 🙂 And they’re not sure how to convey the importance of it to you. So…

Men, here’s what you need to know:

This is the fastest way to begin actually understanding women! It can lead you both to greater openness, more ease, a truer connection, and to seeing each other with renewed awe…all of which also tend to create increased desire and more physical intimacy. (Perhaps I should have lead with that last point!) 🙂

You’ll have the opportunity to understand how her brain is wired, how she thinks, what she really needs, how to create trust with her, types of communication that reach her the best, and how to turn her on…deeply.

She will also learn these things about you. You’ll gain a greater understanding of yourself and each other…together.

Learning this together puts you two on the same team, side-by-side, at the same time, so one isn’t explaining it to the other. You’re growing and experiencing together.

You’ll take a fun and fascinating look at the great design of human beings, explore exciting verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating, and even have some fun, sexy homework that keeps the sparks firing between classes, too. This is the good stuff that helps couples who are in love to take your connection to the next level. And there’s no waiting to finish reading a book and trying to figure out how to implement it in your life. Your exploration starts on day one!


In this course:

You’ll have opportunities to really understand yourself and your person, from the inside out.

This is the advanced version of The Birds & The Bees or the Growing & Changing class that you were looking for back in the day! It provides insight and experience to fast-track you to the connection you both desire, without needing to read a number of books together or waiting for the juicy part at the end of a long course and then determining how to explain and implement it. You get to jump ahead to the knowing and putting it into action on day 1.

Come play in the sandbox, take part in discussions with other couples in the course about the fascinating differences we all see in men and women, smile at ourselves for our total human-ness and the ways we play out our roles because we’re driven to by our ancestral DNA, hear new ideas, incorporate things that spark interest and leave the rest. What you take from this course is completely up to you. It’s a jump start to deepening your connection with the one you love…today!

Four Tuesday Evenings

January 10, 17, 24 & 31

6:30-8:30 pm Mountain Time

Remote via Zoom


What to Expect

This is a course for couples. You will both need to be present online for all four dates. We will meet online via Zoom. There will be couple activities that will be done while on camera, and you will be muted during those activities for your privacy. Each date night includes:


What You Need to Do


Weekly Topics

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100% refund (minus credit card processing fee), if notice is given 24 hours or more prior to the first class.

Event Registration

Course: Deepening Connection (for Couples) — January 2023 — EARLY BIRD PRICING ends January 2, 2023

Date & Time

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 • 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Mountain Time


Classes are 4 Tuesdays: January 10, 17, 24 & 31
Zoom link will be emailed after payment in full and prior to event start date.


$699.00/couple EARLY BIRD PRICING. ($749.00 starting January 3)

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