about ME

Kim Hightower: People Whisperer

I have a life-long fascination with human beings and global cultures. It developed from the moment I was born on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the years living in funeral homes and the words from multiple cultures and languages that were incorporated into my family’s “home” language.

“Normal” is all Relative

I thought it was normal to say the Hawaiian word “puka,” when referring to a hole, and to change my language from “you guys” to “y’all” in an instant when I moved to Texas…and then change it back again when I moved to Iowa. I thought we all ate “brotchen,” those ultra-soft white rolls our neighbor in Germany made with such love. And I thought it was normal to have a hearse in our garage.

A Natural Marketer

I have always embraced the ways of the world and its multitude of cultures as belonging to all of us. Each offers ways and habits and thoughts that we can choose to adopt into our own until we ultimately create one true, giant melting pot of love and universal one-ness. It starts with accepting each other where we are and how we are right now, without trying to change anyone and without thinking anyone is wrong.

Being curious about each other and understanding each other more is the true answer to our current talk around diversity and inclusion. It’s not focusing on our differences…it’s focusing on our similarities. Because, at our core, we all have the same values and are more alike than different.

My natural curiosity about humans also made it natural for me to choose marketing as my focus in college. It’s the study of cultures, human nature, and communication to a potential or current audience. I just ate it up! And I have expanded my communication and human studies over time.

A People Whisperer is Born

With a lifetime of knowing people, their purchasing tendencies, their human needs, and generational shifts, I am a communicator who speaks with audiences from their perspective. I focus on creating clarity and connection in life…and also in the content I write for you. That’s how I help you create strong relationships with your clients and/or employees.

I have applied my innovation in the healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, banking, alternative health, natural foods, wellness, relationship and lifestyle industries.

Let’s talk about your audience and how to really connect with them in your communications.

Kim helped us discover new markets that we had not considered. She also helped us create a marketing plan that will work with our limited non-profit budget and staff.

- Amy from Children’s Museum of Denver